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ChessGame_JJJJ interviews Peter Lippman  Jimmy Joe Hadžikajmaković has written regular ethnographic columns for the newsletter of the Seattle Balkan Dancers, under the title “Tales from places where folkdancing comes from: Ethnographic history and mystery, embroidered with love and garlic, from Anatolia to Zenica.” In this column, he interviews Peter Lippman, who denies being Jimmy Joe’s alter ego.

radostAn amazing dance troupe started in Seattle over 35 years ago in 1976! Catch their next performance!


balkanaramaAmericans who play Balkan (especially Rom) music and write some of their own tunes! Also, they have MANY great links!
Seattle-bgKeep up with the Seattle Bulgarian community. They have listing of on going groups. Sign up for their email subscription and they will notify you of up coming events.

contra-dancersIt’s not Friday night, but you want to go dancing and don’t know where to go? Try to find out what’s shaking! Also, if you have a group that you want to promote, this is a great place to get listed for free!




IzvorMusicThe focus of Izvor Music is Balkan folk music, focusing primarily on Macedonian folk music in the izvorno tradition. We publish books, produce concerts, and include transcribed music and audio files on this site. For more information, read About Izvor Music.

KBCSlogoThis radio station has a wide variety of music – check out the program schedule, and your favorites will be there. We are lucky that Steve Ramsey (musician and singer of Balkan music) is the Station Manager because he REALLY understands our kind of music! Also, many local Balkan groups get air time. The station is located on the campus of Bellevue Community College. They sponsor many local concerts.


map_rbo_bulgariaFolk Dance Resources

Dick Oakes has put together a wealth of folk dance information with articles, pronunciation guides, song words, teaching hints, tours and cruises, folk dance coffeehouse nostalgia, and much, much more. The “more” includes over 200 of Dick’s detailed dance descriptions and several maps that he created for his teaching, such as this map that he drew in the 1980s and which has been used by Yves Moreau. You’ll also find more than 250 teacher biographies. Worth a look!

DunLogoThese women are terrific! They have pictures and videos on their website, if you don’t know who they are.

Dunava (Bulgarian for the Danube) is a Seattle-based women’s vocal ensemble specializing in the a cappella folk music of the Balkans. Founded in 2005, Dunava is made up of singers from diverse musical backgrounds who all share a passion for the rough and beautiful harmonies of Eastern Europe. Our repertoire includes songs from the cities and villages of Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Russia and Serbia.

nfdiNorthwest Folk Dancers Incorporated
We are the Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated (NFDI), the Where to Folk Dance Organization for the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated (NFDI) is a non-profit umbrella organization that promotes folk dancing and ethnic events. NFDI sponsors folk dance festivals and other folk events, provides dance descriptions and practice tapes at a nominal charge for NFDI members, and seeks new ways to promote all forms of ethnic dance.

YvesandFranceYves Moreau Associés is the associate team of Yves Moreau and France Bourque-Moreau, internationally-renowned experts on international folk dance and folk arts based near Montreal, Quebec. Canada. Yves has been generous with his time, teaching many wonderful dances over the years. To learn more about him and Bourque-Moreau Associés, please visit their site at

fvlogojtFolk Voice Band: From duo, trio or ensemble we can do background, to full dance band sound.

Weddings, anniversaries, family picnics or other private and office parties… consider live music… bring folk dance music to them! See for full schedule and description.


Birgitt Karlson’s web site with lots of sheet music and lyrics in large type, of your favorite international folk dance tunes.

Iliana-logoOur beloved Iliana Bozhanova has changed direction, from teaching around the world, to choreography and hosting tours of beautiful Bulgaria. Please visit her web site – and maybe her country, too!

daniela-ivanovaDaniela Ivanova is an amazingly talented, gracious, and gifted dancer, choreographer, teacher and singer. Together with Angel Nazlamov’s talent and repertoire on the accordion, they will present a night (or day) not easily forgotten.

Dani (and Angel) will be also be available to help groups with new choreography from Bulgaria and through the Balkans, and able to make presentations at your area schools, etc.


bobs-bookBob Goldstein is a friend of the Balkan Sunday music group, a journalist, a retired CFO of the Seattle Public Library and the author of “The Gentleman from Finland” – a wonderful book about a trip he took on the Siberian Express. See his site for more info on that. He is also the CEO of Rivendell Publishing Northwest, so if you are interested in publishing he’s an excellent source of information. His latest book is scheduled for release in June 2010.


ork-rtwOrkestar RTW: They are a great group of people and wonderful musicians. They play traditional dance music and songs of the Balkans.




kef_portraitKef is a word used in various forms throughout the Balkans to convey a spirit of pleasure and enjoyment, such as one experiences when partaking of good food, music, dancing, and friendship. Kef is an ensemble specializing in music from Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia, with the occasional foray into Albania, Greece, Romania or the klezmer repetoire. We play for dances, restaurant audiences, parties, and outdoor gatherings. The group is comprised of nine musicians, including three vocalists, accordion, trumpets, clarinet, cello, bass and drums.


Orkestar Zirkonium is a mobile, fourteen-member brass-and-drum ensemble that borrows from a variety of musical traditions, composes original music, and kicks out celebratory spectacle in a variety of circumstances. Zirkonium members hail from Circus Contraption, the Infernal Noise Brigade, the Anti-Fascist Marching Band, Reptet, the Empty Cage Quartet, the Fremont Philharmonic, and other groups; our songs draw from Eastern European / Roma brass, klezmer, Bollywood soundtracks, Ethiopian jazz, punk, funk, hiphop, and other musical idioms.
The orkestar is based in Seattle.

dromeoDROMENO is the name the Govetas family (aka the Flying Govetii) has chosen for this grouping of musicians both young and only slightly older. Ruth Hunter (accordion and voice), Christos Govetas (clarinet, bouzouki, zourna and voice), have been playing Greek music and other Balkan music together for over twenty years. They are now joined by their children Eleni (doumberleki, defi, drums, sax,zourna and bass) and Bobby (daouli, drums, trumpet) as well as Nick Maroussis (laouto, baglama).

k2-2009Kafana Klub plays an exotic and spirited blend of dance music from the Balkans and beyond. Sublime vocals and sizzling instrumentals stir the feet as well as the soul. Please check their web site for interesting information about them.