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Dromeno Holiday Party
December  16th 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Suggested Donation $15

dromeno 2018Dromeno is back for our annual holiday party! the Govetas family and friends will play Balkan tunes with some Greek thrown in for spice.  Maybe if we are lucky some zurnas too? Dromeno plays dance music from all over the Balkans, including the driving brass band music from the border of Greece and the former Yugoslavia, the mournful clarinet tunes from Ipiros and Albania, the energetic dance tunes from Greek and Bulgarian Thrace. Dromeno is made up of the Govetas family (Cristos, Ruth, Eleni, and Bobby) plus guitarist Nick Maroussis.

It’s a party! Bring treats and beverages (byob) to share with your friends and fellow party goers.

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Nov 16 Tom Deering’s Birthday Party Live Music
Dec 15 Dromeno Holiday party

 Our Next Class January 2019


Jana Rickel begins a new series of classes in the new year! The fee is $12 per class, although classes are free for students and newcomers of all levels of experience.  The fee includes dancing following class.
For those arriving after class, a donation of $5 (to help pay for the hall) is requested, but please come regardless of your ability to pay.  Join us to dance, request dances you especially like, socialize, and have fun!