Traditional dances of Southeast Europe every Friday night

Requirements due to COVID-19:

Mask — N95, KN95 or specified equivalent.  Masks must be properly fitted. 

Please read the info on  Good source for N95 masks:

 Please do not come to dances if you are having new symptoms, even if they are mild.

Assess your own risk and the possible consequences of coming to dances.
Each of us should assess our own risks and comfort level in attending dances. Fully vaccinated people even with boosters can be infected without knowing it and may transmit the virus to others.  Joining the line and vigorous dancing (exercise) can increase one’s risk for infection due to physical proximity and inhaling more deeply, respectively.  A consequence of attending a dance where someone at that same dance later tests positive means you may have become infected. Public health guidelines indicate that you, as a contact, need to have a COVID test 3 or more days after the dance.

If you test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of attending an SBD dance, please contact or Susan Flagler ( so that other people who attended the same dance can be alerted that someone at the dance has tested positive.  Your name will not be used in the alert.  
Dances will be cancelled if King County Public Health recommends against indoor gatherings of fully vaccinated people who’ve received boosters.    

The SBD board utilizes CDC and local public health recommendations to make dances as low risk as possible and provide an opportunity for some to dance.


BalkansEvery Friday, there’s something for everyone whether you are brand new to dancing or have been doing this for years.  We offer an opportunity to expand your cultural horizons, meet people, be part of a community, volunteer for special events, and of course, dance!  Dances are done in long lines and spirals, so no partner is necessary.

Go to our Upcoming Events page to see what’s happening now!  The suggested donation for recorded music dances is $10 and usually $15 for live music parties.    Cash or check only please, no cards.  Regardless of your ability to donate money, please come enjoy dancing with us!

all ages ● line dances ● great music ● exotic rhythms ●rich traditions
intriguing dance patterns ●good exercise ● good company ● fun!

Requirements to reduce COVID-19 transmission risks: